The Tango Center

... in downtown Eugene

The Tango Center
194 West Broadway
Eugene, Oregon

The Tango Center closed on 6-30-2009.

Thanks to everyone for everything ... keep in mind what we accomplished downtown! Stay inspired!

The Tango Center on Youtube.

Stay tuned to the event calendar for announcements of new dances around Eugene.

This site is a calendar for events and classes dedicated to the music and dance of Argentine Tango, in Eugene, Oregon. Come back often!

It is also a celebration of the six-year run of the most extraordinarily public Tango experiment of the 21st century, (outside of Buenos Aires).

New to Argentine Tango?
Over 10,000 people were introduced to Tango through The Tango Center's Introduction to Tango from Zero class, which was every Saturday at 8pm, part of the all-ages, no partner necessary, affordable dance: The Big Milonga (Argentine Tango Social Dance). During its run, it was the largest weekly Milonga in the Northwest. It was certainly the largest Milonga in the US focused on inviting the outside world to come in and participate. It was a unique urban revitalization effort, intended to give the City a dream-like night spot, a place for the whole community, a place where the "audience" was the talent, and people learned to improvise together, through this gentle social dance.

The Tango Center: A non-profit community center, dedicated to the music and dance of Argentine Tango.

Eugene's Tango Instructors

Resident instructors:
Vicky Ayers
Charles Augustine
Greg Bryant
Greg Estes
Liz Foster
Marisela Rizik
Rick Roman
Jacob Talbot
Jeanine VanSise

Former resident instructors:
Elizabeth Wartluft
Max Kepler
Andrew Dugas
Rebecca Rorick Smith
Evan Griffiths
Carmela Hill-Burke
Ev Marcel
Andrew McCollough

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Tango in Oregon
Downtown Eugene

We are part of an alliance of people and organizations who have revitalized West Broadway in downtown Eugene. We've done everything: we even experimented with a Weekday Market.

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The Downtown Eugene Blog

The Tango Center was a critical part of the Downtown Revitalization now in place ... actually saving the downtown from destruction, in cooperation with many colleagues, in the 2007 ballot measure that stopped the city from funding the destruction with 'Urban Renewal' funding. In the process of shutting down with much publicity in 2009,  the building was sold to a different non-profit, which is preserving the building:

Lord Leebrick Theatre

About Us

The Tango Center
2003 - 2009

Greg Bryant
Executive Director Emeritus

Olga Volchkova
Art Director Emerita

Evan Griffiths
Artistic Director Emeritus

Rebecca Rorick Smith
Artistic Director Emerita

Andrew Dugas
Artistic Director Emeritus

Rebecca Oswald
Music Director Emerita

Rhonda Kalista
General Manager Emerita

Adrienne Black
Operations Director Emerita

Yifang Qian
Event Manager Emerita

Elizabeth Foster
Events Manager Emerita

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